YEAR _ 2020

Climate Credit Score System

What if we could put extra fees and taxes on goods that are harmful to the climate?

Climate Credit Score System is a mobile app that all citizens are required to own. All goods and services have Cradle-to-gate GHG RFID-tags that track citizens' CO2 spending. If a CO2-credit is used up, the system prevents citizens from purchasing and hence emitting more CO2. When you buy a green-listed item, the impact you have access to is not lowered as much as it would be through the purchase of a red-listed item. It requires people to plan around their (food) habits. The concept can be translated into all aspects of our daily life, becoming more and more intrusive. 


What if we could put extra fees and taxes on goods that are harmful to the climate?

The radical control measures performed by the Chinese Communist Party’s Social Credit Score System act as a warning sign on how far-reaching actions we must undertake to keep the global temperature increase to well below 2°C.

How does this tackle Climate change?
The app in your phone prevents you from buying too much of a product that is harmful to the climate. It keeps track of how much you buy, and if your limit has been reached you will not be allowed to purchase the product.

What is your motivation to build this object?
Our habits contribute to the current climate crisis. We need concrete infrastructures in place to prevent the worsening of the situation - concrete regulations that obligate people to be accountable for their actions.

Who is the user of this object?
The age would likely range between 18 and until around the age of 60. Our speculative outcome serves a purpose for everyone.

What function does it serve?
It informs people of their food habits and how these habits affect the environment. It also keeps track of what and how much we buy in relation to its CO2-impact. In order to help the climate, you have a limit to respect: You are not allowed to buy too many red products, while you can easily buy more green-listed items.

In what way did COVID-19 influence it?
COVID-19 taught us that when we need to take immediate action. Our product shows what could be done to showcase people the consequences of their actions, and to prevent the climate crisis from getting worse. We need to make sacrifices for things to improve, and COVID-19 taught us that we are capable of anything.